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Chronicles ~ 998 yk to Present

Prelude – Their Story Before Sharn

Kohl: His Story

Taveah: Her Story

Part I: Eyes of the Lich Queen – Heroic Beginnings

Chapter 1: The Temple of Kha’shazul

Chapter 2: Finding the Path

Chapter 3: The Haunted Isle

Chapter 4: The Orrery of Vortuum

Part I: Eyes of the Lich Queen – Epilogue

Taveah and Kohl: The Kael and the Silver Flame

Miklos: Miklos’ Destiny Fulfilled

Sejik and Caiphys: Changing Fate

Morthos: Morthos Reborn

Part II: Return of the Lich Queen – Paragon Adventures

Chapter 1: The Isle of Farlnen

Chapter 2: The Road to Droaam

Chapter 3: Xoriat Rising

Game Setups

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Eberron - Return of the Lich Queen

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