At first glance, Zilargo seems a paradise-a colorful land filled wilh magic. music. music, and song, an featuring the most peaceful cities in Khorvaire. This is the land of the gnomes, and the visitors are met with good cheer and warm hospitality. However, Zilargo is also a land filled with conspracy and intrigue, and its people have little tolerance for violence or unrest. For those who stay out of trouble, Zilargo can be as pleasant and peaceful as it appears. Those who disturb that peace run the risk of disappearing without a trace.

Zilargo is situated in the south of Khorvaire. It is bordered in the north and west by Breland, in the east by Darguun, and in the south by the Thunder Sea. Geographically its borders are defined by the Howling Peaks in the northwest and the Seawall Mountains in the east. The country is networked by several House Orien roadways, and the Lightning Rail passes along the eastern border with a stop in Zolanberg and terminus at Korranberg.

In Korranberg, Zilargo’s southeasternmost port city, there lies a library unlike any the world over. The Library of Korranberg is the single greatest repository of knowledge on the continent (and perhaps the globe). Although its primary purpose is to serve as resource to scholars and explorers alike, it does occasionaly fund expeditions.

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