The Kael and the Silver Flame - Part 8

Return to The Kael and the Silver Flame

Return to The Kael and the Silver Flame – Part 7

After several hours, towards early evening, Taveah spots horsemen through the guest house window. There sixteen of them, each bearing the standard of the Church of the Silver Flame. They are led by the Prelate, Danbren Xeq. They ride fast and furious towards the villa.

Taveah awakens the group and calls out to Lenorf “Lenorf, Danbren and his men are riding towards the villa! What should we do?”

“Danbren! No. I cannot be punished by that wretch. I cannot allow it.” ir’Lumm stands up and bolts for the door, panic stricken.

Kohl stands in front of the door and grabs ahold of Lenorf’s frail frame. “Lord ir’Luum. According to the laws of these lands, you must face justice, but I do agree, Danbren will execute you, and potentially the rest of us when he learns the bishop is dead. I will not allow this.”

Kohl looks at Oggrim.

“Sir Oggrim, I agree, Lord ir’Luum must face justice, but he was bewitched by foul magics, these very magics YOU experienced. The Bishop is dead, Lord ir’Luum was merely the tool to get this done. These dark creatures sacrificed him, for what purpose I have not ascertained, but I do believe these lands are in grave danger.”

Kohl motions to ir’Luum.

“This man has been persecuted by your very church, persecuted for his love of art! Yes he was angry, but he has always been loyal to the Flame, now that his wife is gone, it was the one thing he had left, after that, his church took his eyes! Why? So all he would have left after a life time of servitude is blind obedience? The creatures of Dha’Ark fed on his wishes, his wish to see again, his wish to become a prominent member of the church again, it was the creatures of Dha’Ark that killed the Bishop, you know this!”

“I know something about religious fanaticism. My race converted followers by the edge of a sword, it was a believe or die mentality. I am capable, as is most of my race, of acts of evil actions, so long as it is lawfully motivated and it is in our faiths tenants, then we are justified. I see this same fanaticism in Danbren.”

Kohl searches for a clue to Oggrim’s feelings.

“Banish him. You are a Templar, a member of the church, banish him from the church and these lands, we can take him to Sharn where he can live at our residence for the rest of his days, how ever long he has left. Taveah can take him there, you and i can travel to speak with the Cardinal about what transpired here. Your church needs to know what lies beneath these lands! And you know, you know in your heart, that Danbren is not the type of man to allow us to leave these lands this day…not after the Bishop has been slain.”

Oggrim looks at Kohl stoicly, “Kohl, I cannot supercede the will of a bishop or cardinal. Danbren is a cunning man and likely has secured orders beyond my station. I also do not have the authority to banish followers of the Church. I am the Church’s instrument. Its hand, not its will.”

irLumm stammers struggling to break free of Kohl’s grip, “Please you must protect me! Or let me go!”

“Danbren is nearly upon us and surely is out for blood,” Oggrim continues gravely. “But you are correct Lenorf has clearly been seduced and his grievances with the Church are severe. It would be a grave injustice to turn him over the Danbren. Kohl, by doing as you ask, allowing Lenorf to escape Danbren, I will surely be excommunicated and a fugitive of the Church. I have fought by your side and you, and your cousin, have been like a brother and sister in arms. I will abide by whatever decision you make. We can flee, we can stand and fight or we can hope to negotiate with Danbren, though I am certain that is a fools errand. As always you have my sword.”

“I do not wish you excommunicated,” Kohl says, “perhaps there is another way… Taveah can you secret Lenorf off and take him to the Cardinal, we tell Danbren that ir’Luum got away and Taveah is tracking while we were dealing with the threats here. I realized by simply banishing him, it would open you up for punishment. We can meet up with the two on the way to the Cardinal.”

Taveah looks out the window, she knows they are running out of time and she will surely be seen fleeing on horseback from the stables. She turns to Lenorf “Are the catacombs well known? It troubles me to say it, but perhaps we could hide the Lord in there, for a time?”

Lenorf replies. “No. I did not even know of their existence… Please let me hide!”

Kohl opens the door, “Let us all take refuge there until they are gone, we will travel to the Cardinal after.”

Taveah races across the snowy field using the massive shadow of the statue to conceal her movement. Oggrim tries to follow her closely, but cannot keep her pace.

“Over there, Prelate Xeq! I see something.” a rider yells. The horses surge forward with determination.

She reaches the smoldering debris of ir’Lumm’s villa and deftly hops over the precarious terrain. Oggrim struggles to follow her movements, but is successful. Taveah and Oggrim reach the entrance of to the catacombs.

The sound of Danbren and his men are close. Kohl sees their shadows barrelling down Lumm Way, illuminated by the setting sun.

Kohl does his best to follow Taveah. As he crosses the courtyard, The yell of Danbren’s men is heard.

“There! Another one!” a second rider yells.

Kohl doubles his efforts but is slowed by the debris and ir’Lumm who stumbles and falls, “They will kill us all! They are coming!” he yells.

The horsemen enter the courtyard. Taveah has already descended into the catacombs, Oggrim though is still at the entrance. Kohl is still further away with ir’Lumm hurrying towards safety.

“Stop where you are, by the order of High Cardinal Krozen himself!” Danbren Xeq yells.

As the riders approach, Kohl gently places the Bishops body in front of him, the paladin stands, waiting for them to approach.

Taveah remains hidden, although Oggrim has clearly been seen. He looks down at her not moving his head.

“Ready your bow, my lady. This may go sour quickly.” he murmurs.

Taveah nods and does as he suggests. She pets Skarn on the top of his head to keep him calm and quiet.

Kohl smiles broadly as the guards and Danbren approach, keeping his hands slightly outstretched, palms exposed, showing no semblance of hostility.

“Prelate Danbren, I am so glad you made it to safety and were able to bring back reinforcements! Truly it must have been difficult with the minions of Xoriat infesting these lands, I wish I or one of my companions could have accompanied you in your endeavor, a dangerous mission as it was, the Flame truly protected you this day for sure!”

The riders circumnavigate around the burned out villa and approach Kohl who stands on the field near the destroyed gallery.

“Riceak, arrest this man!” Danbren Xeq points at ir’Lumm. A rider on Danbren’s left rides forward, joined by another rider to his left. ir’Lumm starts to run, but the riders are quick to pursue and corral him.

“Stand down or I will take your head, blasphemer!” Riceak spits. ir’Lumm surrenders. Riceak dismounts and shackles Lenorf then draws his sword. The second rider draws his blade as well.

Danbren Xeq looks down at the wrapped body then back at Kohl. “Now, you… mercenary, where is the bishop?” he says sternly, controlling his anger with each word. “Answer me truthfully, or I shall run you through before the eyes of that mongrel orc you truck with.”

Kohl carefully chooses his words, “I fear though that the good Bishop fell to the wicked magics of Xoriat, a dark Xoriat blood sacrifice to a Goddess of Madness whose minions plot to infiltrate these lands. My companions bested back most of these foul creatures, but one creature, a parasite of dark mind magic that had dominated the lord of these lands, got away. We were about to track down the creature now that we have healed.”

“If you mean fell to hands of this wretch, then perhaps I might believe you. I saw ir’Lumm’s treachery with my own eyes. He took the bishop by force with the aid of fell creatures.” Danbren replies. He settles his horse as two more riders surround Kohl.

ir’Lumm is unable to control himself, “I spit on you and the Church if I am to be hanged for this! You and your bishop have done nothing but rob me of the dignity me and my family name deserve!”

“Silence, pig!” Riceak commands. The pommel of his blade comes down hard on Lenorf’s shoulder cracking his collar bone. Lenorf cries out in agony and slumps to the dirt. He moans quietly.

“You will certainly be hanged, Lenorf, of this I can assure you.” Danbren adds cooly. He then turns back to Kohl with a raised eyebrow.

“So tell me mercenary,” he inquires smugly, “how is it that you survived these ‘creatures’ of Xoriat? And why do you bring a corpse with you on this so called ‘quest’?”

Kohl looks at the men surrounding him, eyes piercing the soul of Riceak, soldier to soldier. Kohl stands at attention, his ‘alien’ eyes meeting each man surrounding him for a heartbeat.

His gaze then turns back to Danbren, in humble acquiescence.

_“Prelate Danbren, allow me to fill you in on what happened after the Bishop dispatched you to heroically bring back aide."

“Lord ir’Luum had actually been dominated by a mind parasite, making him delusional, using his body like a puppet that you would see in a market. The parasite itself is an intelligent, alien creature from Xoriat. It used Lord ir’Luum to conduct a foul blood sacrifice on the Bishop and his men.”

“Had you stayed, had you gone against the Bishops commands and attempted to save the bishop yourself, you would have been sacrificed as well, of this I have no doubt. You sacrificed much today Prelate Danbren, you have paid a heavy cost I am afraid, in the life of the good and just Bishop.”

“How did we survive? We, my cousin Lady Taveah and Sir Oggrim, the Templar, fought to the very depths of our souls. The minions of Xoriat had overrun the manor house, killing the Bishops guards and setting upon the Bishop. We first fought our way from the main hall entryway, and creature by creature made our way into the alter, in the back part of the manor. By then we had dispatched 6 of the foulspawn, our wounds were taking their toll, however it was then we first saw the Bishop, and the dominated Lenorf, as well as 4 more creatures from the far realms, one of which spun magics trying to dull our senses through magical music.”

“This is where Sir Oggrim triumphed, charging into the midst of them, his blade immediately cut down one foulspawn, then engaged one that I had engaged, in a feat of unmatched strength he cut the beast in two!”

“My cousin made a rush for the Bishop, trying to thwart the sacrifice, but was cut down and near death. Sir Oggrim and I managed to kill her attackers and stabilize her. With only one spawn left, the one crafting the warp music, I threw my axe at Lenorf, the haft of my axe smashing the bulbous parasite attached to his face. The parasite fell and fled down a passageway to the ir’Luum ancestral burial catacombs. My cousin recently healed from my faith healing, placed two arrows skillfully through the face of the last spawn.”

“We raced to the Bishops side where he expired moments earlier. Although his soul should pass and become one with the flame, the sacrifice may have doomed the Bishop to a fate all too horrible to fathom, I am in hopes that the Cardinal will be able to ascertain if the good Bishop is now with the Flames faithful.”

“At this point we followed the parasite into the catacombs as we were cut off by the fire in the manor. We tied Lenorf up, placed the Bishops body to rest and made after the parasite. Our travels took us to a newly worked tunnel system, the Foulspawn have been very busy. We soon realized that this task would require us to be fully healed as the parasite has friends below.”

Kohl looks down, as if through the very soil.

“We came back to the entrance, waited for the fire to go down, where we then escaped to the guest house to rest. While my companions rested and were healed by my faith healing, I cleaned and prepared the body of the Bishop. We were about to travel back into the catacombs.”

“This plague that has befallen these lands is not the first time minions of Xoriat have raided your fine country.”

“You speak well, mercenary.” Danbren says, his arrogance now cooled into genuine interest. “How is it you know so much about the history of this land?”

Kohl relates the information about Lenorf’s ancestor discovered in ir’Lumm’s journal.

“Yes, I am familiar with this story as well. Our Holy at’Ignostino was quite generous with Lenorf’s grandfather. What is your name, mercenary?”

“To answer your question, my name is Kohl Ikao, I am a Paladin of the God Torval, a being of Law. I am called a Kael Knight, Dha’Ark Slayer and currently High Gran Magus of the Church of Law in the lands of Eberron and traveler from another world.”

“Prelate Danbren, I am not a mercenary, nor is my Cousin, and a more honorable, trusted and brave blade have I found in that of Sir Oggrim. We gave everything we had to save the Bishop, the lord of these lands, Lenorf ir’Lumm is not the instigator, he was a puppet, a sword wielded by an expert swordsman. His mind was dominated, controlled, twisted and beguiled to operate on behalf of the parasite.”

“_Lenorf ir’Lumm loves the Flame, he loves his people, his lands, and he is no traitor. But I submit to allow the good and honorable Cardinal to hear this story to pass judgment.”_

Kohl looks over to Lenorf, then to Riceak and Danbren.

“Lenorf isn’t your enemy here. He is a man used by dark forces. Yes Prelate Danbren, you did see Lenorf with these beings, but it wasn’t him. He wasn’t in control.”

“Your words are wisely chosen, especially for a heretic of the Flame.” Danbren replies. “Nevertheless, ir’Lumm’s fate is neither in your hands nor his, but in the hands of the Silver Flame only. He will be judged for his sins in the Thalingard of Flamekeep. If you wish to cast your fate in with his, you are welcomed to testify on his behalf. However, I should warn you that if he is found guilty, his supporters may in fact be charged with conspiracy as well. Consider yourself warned.”

Danbren settles himself into his saddle, “Now Kohl, Paladin of Torval, if what you say is true we have a more immediate threat than this broken man in our midst. What do you propose?”

“Our work is not yet over.” Kohl’s voice becomes impassioned. “There are dark creatures below, we must prepare, the brave men of these lands, generations ago, tried to defeat the creatures but failed. If the parasite can cause this much damage on a small manor on the outskirts of civilization, imagine what would happen if these creatures made it to a large town or city! We saw many caves in our explorations, branching in many different directions, I feel they are already moving to take control of other lords within the region. A foul day that will be. I pray that it is not too late.”

Taveah emerges from below calling out from the rubble in support of her cousin.

“My cousin is right, Prelate Danbren. I know you are a man of deep faith. The Silver Flame is no doubt powerful and shines true. But if these lands were to fall under sway of Xoriat — what we call Dha’Ark — it would do worse than destroy the flame. It would corrupt its people, its message, its very light. That’s what it does: Corrupt. My cousin and I have seen it first hand in our own world. Now it’s beginning here, as well. We have a chance to stop it, however. Before it spreads its taint any further. You and I, my cousin and Oggrim. We have a choice to make right now. I know your faith will guide you to the right one. Let me tell you – in detailed – what these creatures are capable of. The parasite my cousin described is just the beginning of their fearsome horde; and those are only some of the creatures we encountered in our travels. Please, I beseech you, make the right choice. Join us and together we will smite the enemies of the Flame.”

Danbren considers her words. “Very well, you shall have your purge this eve. Riceak, take nine of your men and escort Kohl and his companions into the catacombs below. See to it that this land is cleansed of Xoriat. When you have completed this task, return to Flamekeep. If Kohl or his friends wish to join you let them. Otherwise, they are free to go. I have all the information I need to file an appropriate report with the Church.”

He turns to one of his remaining riders. “Take Lenorf, we ride for Flamekeep.” The rider responds, placing Lenorf’s broken body on his horse.

Danbren turns back to Kohl then glances at Oggrim, “Oggrim would be wise to learn from your example tonight. Knowing your place before the Church has its benefits. If Oggrim desires paladinhood, see to it he learns this lesson quickly.”

His horse rears up on its hind legs and whinnies in excitement. “Good luck, paladin!” he calls out. “Perhaps our paths will cross again. Riders, we leave!”

The horses charge off to the west, leaving behind ten of their fellow guard. Riceak turns to Kohl.

“So, where do we start?” he asks.

They spend the remainder of the evening crawling through the depths below the villa. Once beyond Khyber cavern entracne, they find the walls covered with lines of red light – scrawls and scribbles painted in what looks like glowing blood. Strains of Khyber. The symbols resemble some sort of writing, but although the language is unknown, the text is infuriatingly similar to what Taveah and Kohl found in the Orrery. The symbols begin to move — crawling slowly across the walls and floor.

Taveah peers at the glowing marks and tries to see past their surface, tries almost to see past the very stone itself. There’s something there, buried in the past… Buried in madness.

She peers past the stone, and finds herself in a warm cozy living room. A fire burns in the hearth nearby spilling light and dancing shadows across the earth tone painted walls.

She is home, sitting comfortably by the fire, her newborn son in her arms. He smiles at her, his eyes reflecting her happy face. Oh how she loves his eyes… like two polished stones of obsidian, dark and mesmerizing… filled with nothing but the quiet void of oblivion and Taveah’s happy image.

Suddenly, the child begins to cry. The door crashes in behind her. Taveah leaps to her feet to see Kohl brandishing her father’s sword. His face contorted with anger and confusion. He yells incoherently, but she knows he intends to kill her child.

Taveah starts to run for the stairs, to protect her son. Her feet hit the steps, just as she sees the bright glint of steal erupt from her bosom. Crimson streaks and black chunks of gore paint the Kaelish blade. She screams and stumbles on the stairs… dropping her child.

He cries for his mother, but she is so weak. She turns around, fighting the darkness that closes in on her, searching for her son… but finds only the dark looming shadow of Kohl standing over her. His eyes are transformed, crimson red, and rage filled.

“You leave me no choice cousin!” he weeps.

He lifts his blade and plunges deep.

Taveah suddenly snaps back to the present, the crawling wall undulating before her. Kohl stands nearby looking pensive.

“Are you ok cousin?” he asks.

“Yes.” Taveah stammers meakly. “Let’s move on.”

Past the hall of living words, the trek is harrowed and perilous, fraught with minions of Xoriat. Several of Danbren’s men fall in the several battles that follow, but nothing prepares the group for the chaos that ensues when they reach the lair of the Eye Tyrant.

The chill of the caverns grows stronger like cold fingers that reach deep inside. The cold grows deeper with each step. As the group makes their way forward, the floor and walls of the cavern gleam as they become increasingly slick and soft—more like flesh than stone. They reach a large cavern, the slimy floor begins to ripple beneath their feet like a slab of raw muscle. Across the long hall, Taveah sees the creature of dha’ark legend. It floats before them, a bulbous body with a central, unblinking eye covered in eye stalks, and a large maw filled with daggerlike teeth..

Within seconds, the scene descends into chaos. Confusion, fear, and death are abound as Danbren’s men are attacked by searing beams of eldritch light that erupt from the creature’s eyestalks.

Taveah quickly takes to the shadows with Skarn and readies herself in sniper position. Several arrows are loosed injuring the creature. Skarn eager for battle and blood leaps after the creature snatching one of its stalks with its teeth. The creature snarls and glares at Skarn. The wolf’s hide turns gray and petrifies. The statue of Skarn is tossed to the cavern floor.

Taveah yells and runs after the creature; vengeance in her heart. Eldritch blasts hit the ground around her, she attempts to maneuver around them but the slick fleshy floor undulates tripping her. As she sprawls to the floor a putrid ray of black ichor assails her. Her skin and flesh warp and wither from the attack.

Kohl quickly summons divine aid for his fallen cousin nearby. Taveah regains her ground and takes aim, spotting a weakness in the creature’s magic. Seizing her moment, Taveah launches a wicked volley of arrows into the beast.

Kohl, undaunted, charges into the fray brandishing his ax over his head. Oggrim close by his side. Kohl yells out a Kaelish prayer and cleaves at the beast, but it shifts away from the attack unharmed and unafraid.

The chaos in the chamber reaches an intolerable din, as more of Danbren’s men fall, including Riceak who is turned to stone. Oggrim and Kohl desperately attempt to rally the men, but cannot be heard over the clamoring of steal and screams.

Kohl shouts louder, his voice booming with radiant thunder. He tells the men to steady their ground, reminding them that it is only a single beast and they are several men of unwavering faith.

Taveah joins her cousin and Oggrim. Together they press the beast further back into the cavern. Taveah deftly maneuvers across the fiendish cavern landscape and closes in on her prey. Kohl continues his onslaught of Kaelish might. Oggrim summons strength from the Flame and drives into the beast with his blade.

The creature howls from their attacks.

Suddenly, however, like the changing wind in a storm the tide turns. The beast unleashes a torrent of attacks out of nowhere, focusing on Oggrim. Kohl attempts to draws the creature’s attention, but it is unswayed. He calls forth the power of Torval to give him strength against the overwhelming beast.

The creature descends on Oggrim unleashing its fury, but Kohl leaps in front of his ally shielding him from a deadly strike. Kohl is gravely injured, but retaliates with a crushing blow to the spawn of dha’ark. It’s bulbous body splits in two and falls dead.

In the aftermath Taveah and Kohl find only four survivors, three of Danbren’s men and Oggrim. All are badly wounded and shell shocked from the wicked battle. It is likely none will ever be the same after witnessing such carnage. Thankfully, the taint of dha’ark appears to have receded upon the death of the dha’ark tyrant.

The cavern has shifted back to normal rock and the Khyber stains within only pulse with a dim light.

Taveah then detects a faint breeze beyond the cavern and after a short search, she finds the cavern’s exit. A cave mouth, very similar to the one described in ir’Lumm’s family journal.

Kohl, summons more inspiring words for he and Oggrim and does his best to lay hands on the worst of Danbren’s men.

Everyone evacuates the cave and after performing burial rights for the fallen, Taveah is able to lead everyone back to the Villa via the surface.

The three ride north through the night with Danbren’s men towards Sigilstar. The ride is over 50 miles, crossing the Thrane river and entering the city just after morning.

Weary and worn they enter the city gates, but are informed that Flamekeep is still another 16 hours away by lightning rail. Danbren’s men obtain 1st Class Sleepers and Oggrim suggests they all do the same to ensure the greatest rest.

After securing passage the rail embarks for the long ride to Flamekeep. They arrive in the capital city at night and are taken aback by the impressive Thranish architecture. Its use of light and soaring construction capture the nation’s devotion to the Silver Flame. The presense of the divine infuses the city with statues and imagery devoted to the church wherever space allows. The city bears the signs of its devotion in all things; icons, flame imagery, and stone placards bearing sacred text adorn nearly every surface. Most of the city rises from a tiered pedastal of land surrounded by a deep channel. The watery leads all the way south from Scions Sound, enabling ships to sail in and dock at the low-lying western ports. Three bridges span the water, to the north, east and south.

Everywhere in the city, the Cathedral of the Silver Flame is in view. Situated at the highest point of the city, the massive cathedral sports alabaster walls and flying buttresses fitted with brilliant stained glass windows depicting religious and historical scenes. Icons, angelic beings, and gargoyles decorate the exterior.

The more Kohl and Taveah travel the city streets and look upon its splendor the more they long for their home in Shilund.

The three disembark the rail and Danbren’s men provide Oggrim with the location of a decent inn and details as to where Prelate Danbren can be reached.

The days that follow are painful and heartwrenching. The trial of Lenorf ir’Lumm, former paladin of the Harrowcrowns, is little if anything but a farce.

Each day Danbren espouses the “crimes” of ir’Lumm before the Thalingard Council and the mob of citizens and each day the crowd grows more infuriated. In fact, the entire city seems to be on edge as the last days of the year draw to a close, and not due to ir’Lumm’s trial. As New Years Eve approaches, the weather grows colder and doomsayers are found on street corners. Less and less people are seen outside each day and whispers of the end of days are heard. Fear is in the air and it is palpable.

One the eve of the new year, Kohl and Taveah are given an opportunity to visit ir’Lumm in his prison. He is a mere shell of the man they once knew. Broken in ways beyond understanding. Taveah and Kohl attempt to reassure him as best they can, and even offer to testify on his behalf. But ir’Lumm refuses. He knows all too well his fate was sealed long before his arrival to the Thalingard. He thanks them for their kind words and informs them that he is ready to accept his fate and does not wish to see them suffer with him. He smiles and steals one last kiss on Taveah’s hand before a guard comes to end the visit. Taveah and Kohl reflect on their experiences that evening wondering if anything different could be done. Oggrim is convinced the best was done.

Early the next morning, on the first day of Zarantyr 999 YK, the trial resumes and ir’Lumm is found guilty. Within the hour of his conviction, he is taken to the gallows before an angry mob. They scream and yell obscenities and several throw rotted fruit and vegetables at ir’Lumm as he is brought forward. The executioner is swift in his preparation, and ir’Lumm is hooded and noosed. The executioner pulls the lever and a moment later ir’Lumm is dead. His lifeless body hanging unceremoniously in front of the crowd which quickly disperses, now that it has its blood.

That night while consoling one another over a meal at the inn, Kohl and Taveah hear reports that a Siberys shard has fallen to the north of Khorvaire, on the frozen island of Farlnen, the home of a powerful lich queen.

They spend the next two days in Flamekeep and the weather bitterly cold, the worst anyone has ever seen. They learn that Danbren has been promoted to the seat of Bishop of Lessyk in reward for cleansing the Harrowcrowns and acquiring a profitable Khyber shard mine for the Church. This is the final nail in the coffin and Kohl decides he has had his fill of Thrane and the Silver Flame. As the Kael make their arrangements to return back to Sharn, Kohl receives word from House Sivis. His old friend Miklos has sent an invitation to the funeral of his uncle who has recently passed away. The funeral is just a few days away. Kohl and Taveah decide to leave as soon as possible.

They say their goodbyes to Oggrim, who insists on staying in Flamekeep. He hopes he can gain an audience with the Keeper and perhaps find some small way to restore ir’Lumm’s honor.

On the rail ride to Korranberg, rumors flood the dining rooms. The magic of House Jorasco has dimmed or has become corrupted and they can no longer commune nor raise the dead. One man even says their magic has twisted into necromancy, and now instead of healing, their magic creates undead far more wicked and dangerous than Karrnath.

As the two Kael await their arrival in the Zil city, an ominous feeling fills their stomachs and they each wonder just how much more death they will face.

Miklos’ Destiny Fulfilled

The Kael and the Silver Flame - Part 8

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