The Kael and the Silver Flame - Part 1

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Taveah tells Skarn to “stay” and approaches the half-orc, getting within polite speaking distance but goes no further.

“What?” She says, bluntly.

“Is that how you address a Templar of the Silver Flame? I would have expected a bit more courtesy… perhaps I am mistaken as to what I see. Sorry to have wasted your time. I will leave you to your… sermon.” the half-orc begins to walk away.

Inwardly, Taveah curses. She knows that Kohl has wanted to speak with this order. She remembers all she’s learned of civility back in the monastery of her youth. “I… apologize, Templar. It has been a troubling time of late. I am not on my best behavior. I am Taveah Ikao, Daughter of Navann. Who do I have the honor of addressing?”

“I am Sir Oggrim of the Order of the Chalice of Blood…. a knight of Thrane and the Silver Flame. I have not seen you or your mate’s kind before. From where do you hail?” he asks.

“A world this one has not yet named. We call it Ound Shyr. I am Kael.” She nods toward her wolf-like creature. “That is Skarn. He is a… Skarn. A pleasure to meet you, Sir Oggrim. Now that our introductions are concluded, what can I help you with?”

Oggrim studies her, “Your blades and your armor… the symbols remind me of a painting I saw in Thrane some time ago. Have you traveled to Thrane before?”

Taveah frowns, recalling some of the maps she has studied in their pursuit of the Dragon’s Eye. “That is to the north of Breland, is it not? We have never travelled there. As far as I’m aware my cousin and I are the only Kael who have ever come to Eberron. This is… very interesting. How similar were our arms and armor to the painting you saw? Where was the painting?” Taveah grows more animated as she speaks.

“In Lessyk to be specific.” Oggrim replies, " A nobleman and Paladin of the Silver Flame is known for collecting spiritual artwork, albeit unorthodox. The painting is a rendition of the famous Sacrifice of TIra Miron. I am sure you are familiar with the history of my Order?"

Taveah shakes her head. “Not completely. I am not from this world, but I have learned what I can about the Voice of the Flame and your beliefs in law and goodness. They are… respectable. My good cousin Kohl has, I believe, been studying your order from afar for some time. He is nearly finished with his sermon now. We should wait for him.”

“I would very much like to speak with him as well.” Oggrim replies. “I am also curious about this world from you come from. I am aware that there are realms beyond this one, though I have never met someone from any.”

Oggrim continues, “In any event, I leave for Lessyk coincidentally this evening. It appears the very same nobleman of whom I spoke has encountered trouble in his estate. My Order has asked that I investigate. Serendipity is certainly at play here this day, for both you and I it seems. Perhaps the two of you would care to join me?”

Taveah frowns at the word “serendipity” as she hears the familiar words indicating Kohl’s sermon is coming to a close shortly. When Kohl finishes, Taveah waves him over — a bit more excitedly than she usually acts.

“Good day to you Knight. I see you have met my cousin Taveah. Did my sermon interest you?” Kohl says shaking the Oggrim’s hand.

Oggrim takes the opportunity to explain to both Kohl and Taveah how he recognized their Kael symbols (specifically Torval) from a painting he saw in Lessyk. An unorthodox painting named The Sacrifice of Tira Miron. The same symbol can be found on Tira’s sword. The painting is owned by a well known spritiual art collector named Lord ir’Lumm. He surprised to learn that Kohl and Taveah do not serve the Silver Flame.

Oggrim goes on to explain that he has been asked to assist the very same Lord Lenorf ir’Lumm who is having trouble with some wild hounds near his estate in the Harrowcrowns of Lessyk. Apparently the lord suffers from some ailment that prevents him from dealing with the hounds himself. Oggrim’s Chalice elders asked him to assess the situation. He agreed to assist since he was already traveling to Flamekeep and Lessyk in on the way. He suggests that that Taveah and Kohl accompany him and expresses how he would like them to meet ir’Lumm to possibly learn more about the Kael symbol’s connection with the Flame.

Taveah and Kohl agree and before long the they join Oggrim to the Orien rail station and purchase tickets for Aruldusk. During the rail trip to Aruldusk, Oggrim explains, that while he is devout in his service to Thrane, there are those within the Silver Flame and the kingdom who frown on non-humans. His order however, the Chalice of Blood, is an organization within the Church which seeks equality between faithful humans and non-humans. He also informs Taveah and Kohl that Lessyk is known for it’s prejudice against non-humans and to be patient with the people, for while they may be short sighted, they are “good simple people and devout followers of the Flame”.

When asked about ir’Lumm and the story behind the hounds, Oggrim explains,

“Ir’Lumm’s estate to my knowledge has had no issues in the past. His villa is near the Harrowcrowns, a forest in Thrane once known to be a haven for Lycanthropes during the Silver Crusade. They were exterminated long ago. During the Last War, the Harrowcrowns were used as a base of operations for Brelish mercenaries to attack Thrane’s land. Today, the Harrowcrowns are a boggy forest and nothing more. It is likely one of the peasants has a wolf problem. Ir’Lumm apparently requested aid from the local prelate, but his request has gone unanswered. Ir’Lumm is blind and because of this is unable to handle the situation. It should be a quick matter, I am sure.”

At one point during their discussion Kohl explains a little about Ound Shyr, their home world.

“Our world suffers from a phenomenon called Portal Storms, we were somehow brought here on accident as all known Portal Storms have always been one way…to Ound Shyr, never outbound. Perhaps across time, there have been instances were others of our kind have travelled here, perhaps Tira traveled with a Kael?”

“I doubt that very much,” Oggrim laughs. “The story of Tira and her companions is well known and considered doctrine in these lands. If she traveled with those of another realm, it would be found in our holy texts.”

Zol – Aryth 10th 998 YK
Tuesday – November 10th 998 YK

After 2 days and another morning on the rail, they arrive in Aruldusk. The weather is cold and fresh snow lines the streets. Aruldusk is a fortunate city, through sheer luck or divine will, the city escaped the Last War relatively unscathed. It is a vibrant city that caters to travelers and features shops, inns, and restaurants.

After meeting with an Orien Coach attendant at the rail station, they easily find a coach awaiting their arrival. Oddly, the attendant informs them that the coach is scheduled to depart in the evening. The rider is nowhere to be found.

Oggrim suggests that Taveah and Kohl spend the afternoon in the city while he attends the local Church of the Flame for prayer. He extends an invite to join him if they so desire. Otherwise, he wishes to meet for an early dinner before dusk at a nearby restaurant and afterwards return to the Orien coach for the last leg of the trip.

“I would enjoy observing your churches customs.” Kohl says.

Taveah thanks Oggrim for his offer, then turns to her cousin. “I think I’ll have a walk around the city. Skarn has been cooped up on the train for long enough. I will meet both of you here for supper.”

Kohl’s time at the Church is spent mostly alone with a Thranish priest who discusses the many virtues of the Flame. He believes that while the Kael faith in “Law” is different, perhaps in time Kohl will see that the light of the Flame is bright enough to encompass his ideals and come to join in holy communion with it’s Voice.

Taveah spends a cold day in town. The people are courteous and rather cosmopolitan. At night the three rejoin for supper and all enjoy a wonderful Thranish meal. It is hot and spicy, unusual for Kael taste buds which are more accustomed to mild, if not bland, food. However, the heat of the food is a comfort against the cold winter weather.

After the meal they approach the Orien coach. It is dark and the weather is quite cold. Awaiting their arrival is a wiry and weatherworn middle age man wearing a dusty House Orien livery. A pair of goggles stands above his forehead making his course hair stand up comically.

“Greetings. My name is Hegzel. Well masters,” he says looking you up and down. He then looks at Oggrim “Are you on a pilgrimage to the Pure Flame seminary in Lessyk? Your friends here are in good hands till then, however I am sure those folk won’t care for them much.”

“I am a pilgrim, although I travel to Lessyk on behalf of Church business and not the Pure Flame’s.”, Oggrim replies. “My two companions are under my care. They will be fine, but thank you for your concern.”

Hezgel grimaces.

“Coachman, what have you heard of Lord ir’Lumm on your travels? Anything?” Taveah asks as she approaches.

“Nothing out of the ordinary my lovely lady,” he winks. “Or nothing I can discuss with you either. House business and all.” he smiles. “Step aboard, its a bit of a ride, but you should find it quite comfortable. Between these goggles here and my magebred horses, it should be in Lessyk by the morning.”

During the evening ride Taveah strikes up idle chatter with Hegzel. She learns he is from Thrane, but he is one of the few Thranians who worships the Sovereign Host.

When asked about this peculiarity, he says “I have lots of friends who worship the Flame… there’s nothing wrong with it I just don’t care for the people of the Lessyk region. They’re nuthin’ but overzealous provincials. But I go where the house tells me,” he muses.

Eventually the conversation turns to discussing the differences and similiarities between the Silver Flame and the Kael pantheon.

Kohl turns to Oggrim, “Sir Oggrim, your brother clergymen are quite persistant on attempts at conversion. On risk of offense are they always so bold at trying to sway the unswayable?” He winks at Taveah.

“No offense taken Kohl,” Oggrim smiles looking at Taveah. “Our clergy is bold, it is the Voice that empowers us to be. Such is the strength of the Flame’s word. And also not at the risk of offending, I should hope you and Taveah have the common sensibilities to know that an unswaying opinion can also lead to ignorance and not salvation.”

Kohl ponders this for a moment then responds, “As beings of Law, our beliefs have always been black and white when dealing with Dha’Ark. Much like your churches thoughts on Good and Evil. For the past year, we have traveled with a diverse group of individuals, all of which have, in their own time, tested my faith, and only one bares the scars for it. I have had many good conversations about other’s faiths here in your world, a close and dear friend Selannah, is the high priestess of the Sovereign Host in Sharn, I have another priestly friend that was our traveling companion, whom was also cursed. I have enjoyed the lessons both have taught me, I look forward to those you and your bretheren can teach.”

“We were cursed and played a role in the Draconic Prophecy, you found us recovering from it’s year long trek through out Khorvaires lands and oceans. I can honestly speak for myself, I will let Taveah, who has remained quite silent through our journey, add her own opinion on this past year, but I feel I have learned much from our travels here. My own faith was tested daily, sometimes by the minute, and I stand before you now, the strength of my faith having never wavered in our trials.I am Kaels (law) vessel, I am here to do its bidding, what ever that may be, what ever path I may travel, Kael (law) will be the foundation of my soul.”

Kohl looks pensive, “I feel a darkness may be on the horizon, something our race, Taveah and myself, has deadly experience with. I have made it a personal quest to try to educate and prepare not only the meek, but the churches that will listen. Our enemy traveled with us to Eberron, we fear they will grow in strength and power unchecked.”

“Kohl is the theologian amongst us,” Taveah interrupts with a slight smile, attempting to lighten the conversation. “But I have been thinking on my faith of late. Like my cousins, it too has strengthened.”

She looks at Oggrim. “My experience with Law has always been in the realm of nature, Templar. Without the laws of nature life itself would not be possible; its law is both essential and powerful. It’s also unmerciful. In nature the strong prey on the weak and those that don’t adapt die. Of course, we are not beasts and any society cannot survive without charity and goodwill. Still, I find myself wondering where the line is drawn… Where charitablity turns to gullibility.” She shrugs. “As I say, Kohl is the theologian.”

Oggrim let’s out a hearty laugh and looks at Kohl. “Your cousin speaks like a Gatekeeper… a druid of the Eldeen Reaches. I didn’t realize your faith had such a dynamic.” He looks at Taveah, “You are a complex people. I am glad to have met you both.”

“The Eldeen sound like a wise people,” Taveah replies. “I am glad to have met you, Oggrim. It has been long since we’ve had a friendly conversation. I’d almost forgotten what they were like.”

Kohl smiles, “Yes Oggrim, my cousin and I have both been seeking out kindred spirits for some time. I am very glad to have met you too.”

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