Shadow Marches

For the folk of Khorvaire, talk of the Shadow Marches summons up images of endless marshland- a fetid home to insects, snakes. swammp creatures. and barbarian orc hordes. But for travelers who actually journey to the Marches. the mysteries and wonder of this land extend far beyond initial impressions.

The Shadow Marches are not a recognized nation. Rather, the Marches are an independent territory whose established relationships with its neighbors and the outside world comes largely from the presence of House Tharashk. The folk of the Shadow Marches have a reputation for xenophobia. and outsiders are rarely welcomed here.

Orcs make up marc than half the population of the Marches. Humans, half-orcs. and members of other races also dwell here. The Shadow Marches feature two distinct culturcs- the arc tribes thm settled thcse lands. and the clans formed by later human immigrants.

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Shadow Marches

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