Shades of Darkness

Wickedness might thrive in Dolurrh, but not all welcome its presence. Some recoil at the growing corruption and are appalled at its free reign. Several of these good people take the fight to the darkness in Dolurrh just as others do in the world beyond, and a few organized efforts against the interlopers have gained strength. Among them, none instill more fear than the Shades of Darkness.

To the Shades, Dolurrh is neither good nor evil. It is a place and nothing more. Yet it is vulnerable. Those with strong personalities can change Dolurrh, as is evident in the dark lords’ domains or in the dark lands, where necromantic energies run unchecked. Perhaps the greatest danger is in the great powers who seek to exploit the plane, because their influence only worsens Dolurrh’s bleak atmosphere when they loose ghouls, abominations, and other horrors to terrorize and reform the plane in their own image.

Thus, those in the Shades of Darkness devote themselves to shielding Dolurrh from the forces capable of altering the plane for good or ill. Foremost of their enemies is Lady Vol, since the subversive Lich infects the plane like a cancer, but they also challenge the Na’Vakhti Orcus, and his minions too.

The Shades of Darkness organization commands an old opera house in the shadow city of Gloomwrought not far from the inky black waters fronting the disused piers. The building is one of the few fixed sites in the city, not having been transformed or altered in any significant way in over a century. The opera house, called the Theater of Sighs, contains a training facility for new recruits, residences for active members, a library, an armory, and access to the tunnels below. The stage is set aside for interrogation, and members learn the finer points of torture from comfortable chairs in the large theater.

The organization is led by Moyshanna, High Priestess of Kol Turrant.

Shades of Darkness

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