Lightning Rail

The House Orien operated Lightning Rail is an international, magical train line connecting many of the major cities throughout Khorvaire. In many ways, the Lightning Rail resembles and functions like trains of the Old West, but instead of following along rails, the Lightning Rail follows a path of conductor stones. The conductor stones, magical creations of House Cannith, are placed along the ground forming a conduit of magical energy to allow the Lightning Rail to travel at high speeds across Khorvaire. The Lightning Rail itself is pushed along by an elemental bound to the Lightning Rail’s coaches. The Lightning Rail is given its name because of the crackling energy created when an elemental-bound coach passes over a conductor stone.

Lightning Rail Distance And Times

There is usually up to 1 hour waiting time between each station.
Standard Lightning Rail Fare: 2sp/mile.
To deterimng travel times, add Time from Previous Stop for each city.

For example: Korranberg to Starilaskur: Total Travel Time = approx. 34 hours

  • Korranberg to Zolanberg: 9 hours (+1 hour)
  • Zolanberg to Sterngate: 8.75 hours (+1 hour)
  • Sterngate to Starilaskur: 13.25 (+1 hour)

Lightning Rail

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