Over the past sevety years the fortified port city of Adderport has become home to men and women of all races and nationalities whose common bond is the flight from their past lives, either because they are avoiding oppression, escaping persecution, running from justice, or searching for adventure. Adventurers, escaped slaves, ex-soldiers, criminals and the shipwracked have found refuge in the freewheeling atmosphere of Adderport.

The climate around Adderport is very pleasant, and its land is surprisingly fertile. Farther inland are the large plantations that help make Adderport a thriving city. The area also boast plentiful cattle and game, hunters make their living providing the city with food caught in the wild forest and jungle.

Adderport has over two hundred houses, shops, taverns, and warehouses. A small fort sits at one end of the harbor, and fortifications line the cliffs on either side of the cove, bristling with armaments. The port city is a perfect place for sea captains to obtain supplies and for the crew to spend their coin while looking for the next ship and the next adventure. The port’s shipyard is small, but allows captains to careen their ships and make repairs. near the shipyard is a holding pen for slaves, and a lively auction is held about once a week.

The city has, over time, divided itself into three distinct districts: The Docks, Uptown and the marketplace known as Four Points. Uptown is where the new society of Adderport live. The Sea Lord’s fortress resides in Uptown. Most of those docked in the harbor rarely see the sights of Uptown, finding the empty streets and lush gardens too guiet and staid for their enjoyment. Instead visitors are most often found in the area known as The Docks. While this area does abut the harbor, it encompasses an area several streets removed from the docks. This is the area where any sort of entertainment can be found, at any time of day or night. Four Points also abuts a section of the docks, and is only open during the day. Here those that live in Uptown, sailors, pirates, and farmers mingle to purchase and sell almost anything that can be thought of.

There are many taverns in Adderport, some small and seedy, others large and crowded. None is busier than the One-Eyed Parrot, a place where one can buy information that might be found in this city. The One-Eyed Parrot is located in the Docks, as are most of the other taverns.


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