High Prince Rygar ir'Wynarn

Pirate Prince of Regalport


High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn is very clever, using his sword and words to get what he needs and wants. His reputation encourages local merchants to ally themselves with him in order to protect their vessels. No other band of brigands dares to raid Regalport. Rygar has Allied himself with House Thuranni and has given them some land in Regalport soon after he became a prince. Many rumors spin about this alliance being a leverage against the Gray Tide principality.


In the present day, the high prince is Rygar ir’Wynarn, the lord of Greentarn. A clever diplomat and brilliant captain, Rygar has earned the loyalty of a host of warriors and the respect of most of the princes; those who oppose him do so quietly. Rygar called together the delegation that represented the Principalities in the Treaty of Thronehold, and he hopes to one day rule as the true king of the seas.

High Prince Rygar ir'Wynarn

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