Sora Katra

Daughter of Sora Kell - Ruler of Droaam


Renowned in song as the trickster of the deep swamp, Sora Katra has been a figure in Brelish folktales for centuries. Stories abound of those who have gone to her in search of secrets or treasure, planning to best her with wit or steel. With few exceptions, these tales always come to a bad end. Her charisma and skill with words are remarkable, and while the threat of violence forms the foundation of Droaam, Sora Katra’s rhetoric is quickly building a fanatical following for the hags.

When all three of the hags are encountered, Sora Katra will do most of the talking. She uses disguise self constantly, choosing forms to distract or disorient her opponents. She sees the world as a vast gameboard and is always playing out dozens of schemes. One of her primary tools is a criminal organization known as Daask (a giant word translating as “monstrous eye”), which has spread east through Breland and Aundair.

Sora Katra

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